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Traditionally, when personal or financial circumstances changed, life insurance policy owners had few options. Maintaining the policy through the continuation of premium payments or policy loans often did not make financial sense. On the other hand, surrendering a policy for little or no cash allowed the policy’s value to evaporate. Today, an innovative option has emerged. Life Settlements offer the opportunity to exchange a policy on the secondary market for a cash settlement. This eliminates expensive premium payments and creates liquidity. Your policy has value, the question is...how much?

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Who Qualifies?

As a broker, we will work on anything that we can find a buyer for. Currently, buyers are targeting seniors over the age of 70, or policy holders with terminal illnesses of any age. Learn More

What Is The Process?

It can take 6-8 weeks to underwrite a Life Settlement case. View our detailed infographic to learn about our 3 step process.Learn More

How Is It Taxed?

To make a fair and accurate analysis of any life settlement options, policy owners and insureds must understand how the transaction can impact their bottom line.Learn More
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